The ANSI-HSSP resumed its examination of transit security standardization needs with a two-day workshop on January 27-28, 2009 in Arlington, VA.

Approximately 70 participants from standards developing organizations, federal agencies, and the transit community attended the workshop. The workshop focused on surveillance and video analytics, access control and intrusion detection, and explosives detection. Attendees examined the relevant standards in each area, considered what standards might still be needed and identified what performance requirements should be proposed for such standards.

To view the final meeting report, executive summary, and all presentations given at the meeting click here.

The next steps in this workshop effort include identifying key stakeholders who can contribute to the recommendations outlined in the workshop report, and identifying outreach strategies to help advance transit security standardization efforts. There is also a need to examine existing standards and identify current needs, prioritize those needs, and identify where gaps remain.

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